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3.4 – Aliens & Temples of Gold (8.18.11)


In Aliens & Temples of Gold, Rosslyn Chapel…

…Could Rosslyn Chapel really been built to house the Holy Grail? Some believe the architecture of the Chapel is adorned with mysterious messages and symbols that reveal the secret whereabouts of the Cup of Christ.

“And here we are, this is Rosslyn Chapel. William Sinclair was responsible for building the Chapel. He was a very rich individual, he was the Chancellor of Scotland at the time.”

– John Ritchie (Author, Rosslyn Revealed) [1]


1 - Rosslyn Revealed - A Library in Stone

Rosslyn Revealed: A Library in Stone

This book is responds to the overwhelming interest in the Da Vinci Code by offering the most authentic account of the building of the chapel yet published. The reader is introduced to Sir Gilbert Haye, a 14th century precursor of the Renaissance, Keeper of the Royal Library in France, and family tutor to the Sinclairs, who built the chapel.


[1]  Prometheus Entertainment. (2011). Ancient Aliens: 3.4 – Aliens & Temples of Gold. [DVD Footage: Rosslyn Chapel]. Los Angeles, CA: A&E Networks, LLC / History™.



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