John Rodgers

rodgers, j..pngJohn Rodgers
(Curator, The da Vinci Machines Exhibition)



4.8 – The Da Vinci Conspiracy (4.6.12)


In The Da Vinci Conspiracy, Inspired Inventions…

…But how did Da Vinci even conceive of such an elaborate and sophisticated device? One that wouldn’t be duplicated for another 300 years?

“For Leonardo to take those ideas in his drawings and literally be able to project their use in the future is just remarkable. He’s given credit for all mechanical and robot ideas that we know today.”

– John Rodgers (Curator, The da Vinci Machines Exhibition) [1]


[1] Prometheus Entertainment. (2012). Ancient Aliens: 4.8 – The Da Vinci Conspiracy. [DVD Footage: Inspired Inventions]. Los Angeles, CA: A&E Networks, LLC / History™.


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