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2.3 – Underwater Worlds (11.11.10)
2.9 – Alien Devastations (12.23.10)

7.2 – Mysteries of the Sphinx (11.7.14)
7.6 – Alien Resurrections (12.5.14)



John Van Auken is the Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation and has been involved in this work for over 40 years. He has written more than a dozen books and recorded numerous videos and audios, many of them are on YouTube. He’s been on TV and radio programs, including the FOX show, “Opening the Tomb Live” in Egypt. He has led over 30 tours to Egypt, and continues to lead tours to ancient sites around the globe. He has written 24 books and hundreds of articles. His recent books are 2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy, Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces within You; From Karma to Grace, and Angels, Fairies, Demons, and the Elementals, Edgar Cayce on the Mysterious Essenes, and Edgar Cayce on Health, Healing, and Rejuvenation. His book on deep meditation to contact the Spiritual Forces and the Universal Consciousness is Passage in Consciousness: A Guide to Expanding Our Minds and Raising the Life Forces in Our Bodies through Deep Meditation. All may be purchased from or on this site. [1]


1 - Ancient Egyptian Mysticism.pngAncient Egyptian Mysticism and Its Relevance Today

From the creation story to the mythological tales of the gods of Egypt, the author weaves together the wisdom of ancient Egypt with insights from the Edgar Cayce readings. Van Auken explores the secrets of the Great Pyramid and the hidden mysteries of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and recounts the story of Ra Ta (Edgar Cayces earlier life as a high priest of Egypt), including the events that, according to Cayce, led to the building of the Great Pyramid as a place of initiation. Also covered is the expected discovery of the Hall of Records predicted by Cayce.


2 - Edgar Cayce's Amazing Interpretation of The Revelation.jpg

Edgar Cayce’s Amazing Interpretation of The Revelation

From the first century AD to these times the Revelation has fascinated and puzzled spiritual people. Its incredible imagery and often terrifying warnings have captured the attention of psychologists, artists, homemakers, and rock musicians, and provided fodder for TV evangelists. In this amazing book, Edgar Cayce’s surprising interpretation turns the Revelation into a powerful study guide for all to use in spiritualizing body and mind. Cayce taught that “the visions, the experiences, the names, the churches, the places, the dragons, the cities, all are but emblems of those forces that may war within the individual in its journey through the material, or from the entering into the material manifestation [i.e., physical body and this world] to the entering into the glory, or the awakening in the spirit….” With this in mind we take a very different tour through the wonders of the Apostle John’s vision, a tour that actually has much to give us. Moving through the first several chapters of John’s vision we find guidance for awakening the best with us physically, and in the subsequent chapters John gives us insights for awakening the best within our minds. Ultimately this all leads us to new body and a new mind! And John Van Auken’s easy-reading manner and he use of many supporting sources opens the seemingly impenetrable Revelation to our understanding!


3 - Edgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You.jpgEdgar Cayce on the Spiritual Forces Within You

Your true purpose in life is revealed by accessing your essence or spiritual nature the spiritual forces within you. Using the wisdom and vision of the world-famous seer Edgar Cayce, Van Auken helps us reach our spiritual life force that is intimately and ultimately connected to all of life, all of time, and all of space a part of ourselves that is our true self and is naturally in touch with the infinite and the eternal. What power over our lives can we wield when in touch with the infinite? A broader awareness, a healthier vitality, a purpose, and a meaningfulness. The life force is within us, within our spirit and mind, and this book gives us the tools to fully awaken and activate it. Includes ancient and modern illustrations of the life forces within the human body and mind, maps of consciousness, and diagrams of the body-mind connections.


4 - 2038 - The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy2038: The Great Pyramid Timeline Prophecy

Does the Great Pyramid Hold the Secret to Our Journey Here on Earth Does the Great Pyramid Hold the Secret to Our Journey Here on Earth Inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt is a prophecy in stone that points to these present times especially to the years from 1958 to 2038 Surprisingly in the 1800s and early 1900s much of this timeline inside the Great Pyramid was well known and much was written about it Some of the most important scientists and researchers of that time had detailed knowledge of this timeline and how it correlated with content in the Egyptian Book of the Dead Eventually points along the timeline were associated with world events taking it to the level of an ancient prophecy of humankind s journey that continues into today As Marsham Adams British Egyptologist in the 1800s wrote the unique system of passages and chambers in the Great Pyramid have little meaning as a tomb but have an allegorical significance only explained by referring to the Egyptian Book of the Dead When we think about this if the Great Pyramid were only a tomb for the pharaoh it would not need so many passageways chambers and unusual features such as the Great Step the granite veil stone in the antechamber to the King s Chamber and the distinctive elements of the pyramid s subterranean portion Author John Van Auken a director at the Association for Research and Enlightenment and a life long researcher of ancient Egyptian mysteries presents the whole story in detail correlating the passageways and chambers in the Great Pyramid with the chapters and verses in the original Egyptian Book of the Dead whose title is more accurately translated Book of Coming Forth into Light And in a fascinating chapter on the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian high priest he presents a strangely real perspective on ancient Egyptian views of the human journey which includes life beyond death and a map of other realms that our souls experience Book jacket


5 - From Karma to Grace - The Power of the Fruit of the Spirit

From Karma to Grace: The Power of the Fruit of the Spirit

In this uplifting commentary, best-selling author John Van Auken reveals the simple yet profound path that takes one from living in the grind of karma to the light and peace of grace. Using the foundation of spiritual living found in the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, Van Auken weaves a tapestry of love and light, of freedom from karmic reactions, of hope and happiness.


6 - Passage in Consciousness - A Guide for Expanding Our Minds and Raising the Life Forces in Our Bodies through Deep Meditation.jpg

Passage in Consciousness: A Guide for Expanding Our Minds and Raising the Life Forces in Our Bodies through Deep Meditation

The contents of this book assumes that we are celestial, spiritual beings temporarily sojourning as terrestrial, physical beings. It assumes that during this incarnation we may bridge these two realities, these two aspects of ourselves, and thereby enliven our bodies and enlighten our immortal minds in such a manner as to become healthier, happier people who are a blessing to others and make this world a better place for us having sojourned here. It assumes that dreaming sleep and regular meditation are required practices for us to achieve this breakthrough. Just as we know that good hygiene, proper nourishment, and physical exercise are important for our bodies, so are mental and spiritual exercises and nourishment important to our souls. Within us is the life force and deeper levels of consciousness which need attention and expression. “So may an individual effect a healing through meditation, through attuning not just a side of the mind or a portion of the body but the WHOLE, to that at-oneness with the spiritual forces within, the gift of the life-force within EACH body. Each individual body must bring its own creative force in balance.” –Edgar Cayce


7 - Angels, Fairies, Dark Forces, and the Elementals

Angels, Fairies, Dark Forces, and the Elementals

The Edgar Cayce material offers a fresh and fascinating perspective on the supernatural realms and its inhabitants, exploring angels, brownies, fairies, and more. Van Auken’s easy-to-read writing style draws you in in such a way that you’ll finish this book in one sitting but return for more!


8 - Hidden Teachings of Jesus

Hidden Teachings of Jesus

Over two thousand years ago the apostle John wrote in his Gospel that Jesus made many “dark sayings,” teachings with hidden meanings (John 16:25). Van Auken has made a study of these hidden teachings and, along with some fascinating insights from other sources, has compiled and explain them in this surprising book that reaches beyond Christianity to a new, more universal Christ. This intriguing book explains such concepts as our godly nature, our innate knowledge of heaven, the nature of our soul, the surprising correlation with ancient mystical teachings, the life force within us and how to raise it, maps of heaven and consciousness, and the deeper purpose for this incarnate life and physical body. In the second section of this book we find principles and practices for soul growth, real tools for making the most of our lives and the lives of those around us. Van Auken has an easy-reading style and a remarkable ability to integrate Jesus’ teachings with concepts from other religions and philosophies, making this book a rich, rewarding read.


9 - Edgar Cayce on Health, Healing, and Rejuvenation.jpg

Edgar Cayce on Health, Healing, and Rejuvenation

John Van Auken, the Director of the Edgar Cayce Foundation has brought together these insights in this latest book. The key concepts of Cayce’s holistic approach to health and happiness are here: his insights into good and bad foods, the mechanics of healing and rejuvenation, therapies, tonics, and devices for keeping our bodies functioning well, as well as our minds becoming clearer and fully aware. Included with all the health information are metaphysical concepts and methods that bring the influence of our souls into our health and well-being. There is also a valuable list of resources and an easy to use index for finding exactly what you are looking for. There are also 13 illustrations. The Journal of the American Medical Association credited Edgar Cayce with initiating the American holistic health movement.


10 - Born Again & Again - How Reincarnation Occurs, Why and What It Means to You.jpg

Born Again & Again: How Reincarnation Occurs, Why and What It Means to You



11 - Edgar Cayce's Approach to Rejuvenation of the Body.jpg

Edgar Cayce’s Approach to Rejuvenation of the Body

The author, a longtime Cayce readings scholar, answers questions on the principles that allow the body to continually rebuild itself and how we can use the principles to extend our life span. Van Auken uses carefully researched quotations from the Cayce readings and includes an overview of Cayce’s emphasis on diet, exercise, rest and meditation, in staying mentally and physically young and spiritually centered.


12 - The End Times - Prophecies of Coming Changes.jpg

The End Times: Prophecies of Coming Changes

This eye-opening book looks at prophecies from four different sources: the Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Holy Mother. The author examines startling predictions of the end times, emphasizing the strong similarities among these diverse sources.




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