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doore, k..pngKathy Doore
(Author, Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest)
RIP (b: ? – d: March 16, 2015)



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Memorial for Kathy Doore
Posted on April 12, 2015 by Rob and Trish on http://blog.synchrosecrets.com/?p=23666

On the evening of April 8, we met Lynn and Bruce Gernan and ten or twelve other people for a memorial service for our friend, author and intrepid explorer Kathy Doore.

The service took place on a catamaran that Lynn’s sister, Holly, owns. Kathy wanted her ashes scattered at sea, so that was the point of the boat. Also, Kathy was a sailor who spent a lot of time on Lake Michigan, where she had some strange other worldly encounters, and it seemed fitting that she should have a memorial at sea.

The catamaran is docked at the Boca Raton Hotel & Resort, a landmark in Boca. The pink tower in the photo has existed since 1926 and was designed by architect Addison Mizner, whose signature buildings – or copies of them – can be seen all over Boca Raton.

Lynn put together a beautiful memorial pamphlet that she entitled Celebration of Life. It included photos of Kathy, some biographical material about her and her love affair with Peru, and Markawasi, and a piece I’d written about her. The weather was beautiful and as we headed out to sea, I remembered something I’d said to Bruce the other day when I ran into him at the gym – that Kathy might put in an appearance. It would be right up her alley to do something like that – as an orb or something else that was unusual.

When we were maybe a mile or two out, Rob and Bruce told me to come topside to see something. It was an unusual cloud formation in the shape of a V, against a sky so blue it made your heart ache. It was as if it was pointing the way to the place where Kathy’s ashes would be scattered. Or, as Lynn said, Kathy left us a farewell message. Lynn later enlarged the photo and said that it appears there’s a white orb in the bottom left-hand corner of that cloud formation in the middle of the V.

Kathy’s closest friend, Marcia, came from San Diego for the memorial. She last saw Kathy when they spent a week together at Chichen Itza in Mexico. Before the ashes were scattered at sea, Marcia pressed her hands against the beautiful biodegradable box Lynn had bought for Kathy’s ashes. It moved me, seeing this close friend of hers speaking to her in the moments before.

Rob also placed his hands on the box and uttered a tribute to Kathy that he uses at the end of his yoga/meditation classes. “May the long time sun shine within you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way home.”

Then the first mate took the box, removed the top, and began scattering her ashes. It was an unbearably sad moment, close to sunset, the close of the day.

And yet there was a poignancy and triumph as well. Kathy Doore left her mark and was ready to go. She’d completed what she came here to do.” [1]


1 - Markawasi, Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest.png

Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest

Created for adventurers and armchair travelers alike, this photo narrative offers a true account of an ancient lost humanity of mysterious origin whose hidden legacy carved gigantic, towering stone monuments pointing to a message with predictions for the future. Through a perusal of the cultural, historical, and often magical lore associated with the ancient Peruvian mesa—woven into a tapestry of more than 300 dazzling images, illustrations, and walking maps—readers will come to understand the site’s pivotal role as a repository of ancient knowledge. More than a traditional guide, this is a powerful handbook, facilitating the traveler intent upon achieving an intimate and transformational experience and showing how a simple change in one’s perspective can open an entirely new chapter in the way human history is perceived. Boston University professor of geophysics, Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., provides a comprehensive introduction to the work, while contributions from a variety of archaeologists, journalists, scholars, and fellow travelers illuminate the deeper mysteries of Markawasi. A section of travel tips, a camping guide, and general advice on high-altitude travel provide hints for those interested in making the journey.


[1] http://blog.synchrosecrets.com/?p=23666


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