Kirsten Fisher, Ph.D.

fisher, k..pngKirsten Fisher, Ph.D. 
(Assoc. Prof. of Biology, Cal State, Los Angeles)



6.16 – The Reptilians (7.25.14)
6.20 – Aliens & Superheroes (8.22.14)

7.4 – The Genius Factor (11.21.14)
7.5 – Secrets of the Mummies (11.28.14)
7.6 – Alien Resurrections (12.5.14)
7.8 – The Great Flood (12.23.14)
7.9 – Aliens & the Civil War (4.10.15)

8.5 – The Alien Evolution (8.21.15)
8.6 – The Other Earth (9.28.15)
8.7 – Creatures of the Deep (9.4.15)




“My lab’s research program focuses on the ecology and evolution of plants in extreme environments. We address questions such as: How does adaptation to extreme environments influence trade-offs in allocation of energy to growth, reproduction, and physiological tolerance? And, how do these trade-offs influence genetic diversity? To address these questions, my lab studies population genetics and reproductive ecology in the desert moss, Syntrichia caninervis, which is highly tolerant of stress and desiccation, and also has the most skewed sex ratios known of any plant species. Because it is essentially an aquatic plant growing in the desert, this moss spends the majority of its life in a desiccated state of suspended animation, awaiting brief interludes of moisture from infrequent rains.”


“I spent my formative years playing in creeks and ditches in northern California, where I learned to appreciate small, growing things. I earned my undergraduate degree in Biology at UC Santa Cruz, and after a couple of years of varied employment as a gardener, bakery cashier, and bank teller, decided to pursue graduate education. I was wooed into the world of mosses by Brent Mishler at UC Berkeley, who served as my PhD advisor and provided me with the opportunity to study the systematics of a tropical moss family, Calymperaceae. After earning my PhD, I did a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham, NC, where I learned to appreciate barbeque and California weather. I returned to California in 2008 to join the faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences at Cal State LA, where I now hold an Associate Professor position.” [1] 




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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