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LARSON, B.larson, b.

Rev. Bob Larson (Exorcist)

LEAR, J.lear, j.

John Lear (Retired CIA Pilot)

LEAVITT, D.leavitt, d.

David Leavitt
(Author, The Indian Clerk)

LEE, J. lee, j.

Julie Lee (Vice-Pres. Of Collections, Bowers Museum)

LEE, S. lee, s.

Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Co-Creator)

RIP (b: December 28, 1922 – d: November 12, 2018)

LEONARD, W.leonard, w.

William R. Leonard, Ph.D.
(Chair of Dept. of Anthropology, Northwestern Univ.)

LEPPER, B.lepper, b.

Brad Lepper
(Senior Curator of Archaeology, Ohio Historical Society)

LEVIN, G.levin, g.

Gil Levin, Ph.D.
(NASA / Viking Scientist)

LEVINSON, P.levinson, p.

Paul Levinson, Ph.D. (Prof. of Media Studies, Fordham Univ.)

LEVITON, R.leviton, r.

Richard Leviton (Author, Welcome to Your Designer Planet)

LEWIS, R.lewis, r.

Richard Lewis (Civil War Historian)

LIPINSKI, B.lipinski, b.

Boguslaw Lipinski, Ph.D. (Biochemist)

LIPKIN, I.lipkin, w.

W. Ian Lipkin, MD
(Dir., Ctr for Infection & Immunity, Columbia Univ.)

LITTLE, L.little, l.

Layne Little, Ph.D. (Lecturer, Religious Studies, UC Berkeley)

LITTLETON, C.littleton, c.

C. Scott Littleton, Ph.D.
(Prof. Emeritus of Anthropology, Occidental College / Witness, Battle of Los Angeles)

RIP (b: July 1, 1933 – d: November 25, 2010)

LOCICERO, D.locicero, d.

Don Locicero, Ph.D.
(Author, Superheroes & Gods)

LOHSE, J.lohse, j.

Jon C. Lohse, Ph.D.
(Dir., Ctr for Archaeological Studies, Texas State Univ.)

LONG, J.long, j.

Dr. Jeff Long, MD (Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

LOPES, R.lopes, r.

Rosally Lopes, Ph.D.
(Volcanologist, NASA JPL)

LOVE, C.love, c.

Charles Love, Ph.D. (Archaeologist, West Wyoming Community College)

LUNDBERG, J.lundberg, j.

John Lundberg
(Crop Circle Enthusiast)


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