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3.6 – Aliens & Ancient Engineers (9.1.11)



Linda Eneix has been studying and writing about Mediterranean megaliths for more than twenty years. Her articles and stories have appeared in numerous international magazines. Ms. Eneix also wrote and narrated a full length documentary video about the prehistoric temple culture of Malta. She has been consulted for film, television and print media in the USA and Europe, and has appeared on international television. Her research initiatives related to archaeoacoustics, combined with an architectural appreciation of the oldest freestanding buildings on earth have enabled fresh insight into interpretation of motivation and original function. She is responsible for the design and operation of educational programming for the highly rated “Malta-Keystone of Mediterranean History” program for Road Scholar. Ms. Eneix lives in Florida and works in Malta. [1] 


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Last Days of the People of the Temples

It is coming. There is no defense, no weapon. There is nothing they can do. In a time before written words, the secrets of the ancients and the traditions of prehistory were recorded in other ways. In this startling novel, an island community and their trusted leaders are pledged to protect that legacy as their idyllic world falls apart. But how will it all be remembered when the distortions of history begin? Myth and archaeological evidence are the backbone for a narrative explanation of the end of a civilization in a sensitive and fascinating look at a very ancient world.


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Tell Me About The Maltese Temples

A simple introduction to the Mediterranean’s earliest civilization, lavishly illustrated with color photos. In straightforward question-and-answer style, the author responds to what people most frequently ask about the astonishing prehistoric monuments of the Maltese Islands. Dual language: English with translation in Maltese.

Sample topics:

Did the temples have roofs? Where did the people come from? How did they move the stones? Did they have human sacrifice? How did they bury their dead? Why do the statues not have heads?


People of the Temples - Menaidra

People of the Temples – Menaidra

“A Neolithic Bodice-Ripper” It is 2,500 BCE. Great Mother Goddess is still in charge, but the world is changing. What will happen to a tiny island of pilgrimage and the people who keep the megalithic shrines to Mother Earth?




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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