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The Orwellian Nightmare Come True)



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Mark Shouldice (born December 21, 1977), known by the pseudonym Mark Dice, is a right wing American conspiracy theorist, YouTube personality, author and media analyst.

He has promoted conspiracy theories about secret societies, Satanists, the Illuminati controlling the world,and has posted videos criticizing Social justice warriors, Gender ideology, and Democrat politicians.According to The New York Times, Dice has garnered attention for asserting that the September 11 attacks were an “inside job”. Dice also founded a Christian activist group, “The Resistance”.

In June 2008, Dice launched “Operation Inform the Soldiers”, an effort to send DVDs, letters, and declassified government documents to US service members in Iraq. Dice hoped these would prove 9/11 conspiracy theories and cause the recipients to “rethink why they’re fighting.” On June 10, syndicated talk show host Michael Reagan advocated on-air that Dice should be assassinated. Six days later, Reagan hosted Dice on his show and apologized for his comments.

In 2015, Dice garnered criticism after asserting that Katy Perry was Satanic and the Super Bowl halftime shows were elaborate Illuminati rituals.

In 2016, The Hollywood Reporter said Dice was best known for producing YouTube videos in which he asks people in public places to sign satirical petitions, such as repealing the Bill of Rights and supporting Karl Marx as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. In 2017, he tweeted a series of derogatory and homophobic comments targeting the Korean pop group BTS and their fans, after their performance at the American Music Awards.

On April 12, 2018, Mark Dice was suspended from his Twitter account for saying in a tweet that there are only two genders. Dice responded to the suspension in a Facebook post, saying “This is the tweet Twitter is trying to force me to delete, for ‘violating’ their terms of service. They locked me out of my account until I ‘agree’ that what I said was wrong!” His account was reinstated on April 16.

In May 2018, The Guardian reported that Dice had 317,000 Twitter followers. [1] 


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Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True

In Big Brother: The Orwellian Nightmare Come True, Mark Dice details actual NSA high-tech spy systems, mind-reading machines, secret government projects, and emerging artificial intelligence programs that seem as if they came right out of George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Orwell’s famous book was first published in 1949, and tells the story of a nightmarish future where citizens have lost all privacy and are continuously monitored by the omniscient Big Brother surveillance system which keeps them obedient to a totalitarian government.

The novel is eerily prophetic as many of the fictional systems of surveillance described have now become a reality. Mark Dice shows you the scary documentation that Big Brother is watching you, and is more powerful than you could imagine.

– The National Security Agency
– Facial Recognition Scanners
– Mind Reading Machines
– Neural Interfaces
– Psychotronic Weapons
– Orwellian Government Programs
– The Nanny State
– Orwellian Weapons
– Artificial Intelligence
– Cybernetic Organisms

– A Closer Look at 1984
– Our Social Structure
– The Control of Information
– Perpetual State of War
– The Personification of the Party
– Telescreens
– A Snitch Culture
– Relationships in Shambles
– A Heartless Society
– Foreign Countries Painted as Enemies
– Power Hungry Officials
– An Erosion of the Language
– Double Think
– And More!




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