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3.10 – Aliens & Evil Places (9.28.11)

8.9 – The Alien Wars (9.25.15)

9.9 – The Hidden Empire (7.15.16)
9.12 – Russia’s Secret Files (8.12.16)
9.13 – Beyond Roswell (8.19.16)



Paul Stonehill is an international researcher and author, whose areas of research and published works include: UFOs and USOs (Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Submersible Objects), Soviet space exploration, and Eurasian paranormal phenomena. He was born in Kiev, USSR (now independent Ukraine), and traveled through various parts of the Soviet Union in his youth. Paul is fluent in Russian, and knows Ukrainian.

Paul’s articles on UFO and anomalous phenomena have been published in a number of languages throughout the world in newspapers and magazines. After the demise of the USSR, his articles were also published in Russia, Ukraine, and Central Asian republics. In October of 1993, OMNI Magazine featured a story about Paul’s work, and the research center he had created back in 1991 (Russian Ufology Research Center). Paul has lectured in the U.S., Brazil, and China, and appeared on such TV shows as Ancient Aliens.

His areas of expertise are: Russian history; Soviet covert operations; warfare in the former USSR; cross-cultural training; paranormal phenomena in the Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and China (PRC). He has published a number of books, most co-authored by Philip Mantle (U.K.). The latest one is Russia’s USO Secrets. [1]


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UFO Case Files of Russia

Throughout the centuries UFOs hovered over Russia, and USOs (Unidentified Undersea Objects) lurked in its waters. This book introduces the phenomena of the most important cases, observations, and sightings. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA endeavours to describe efforts of those dedicated researchers who have stubbornly pursued UFO research in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and modern Russia. The evidence in this piece of literature is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality, it comprises a body of evidence written in the style of a Russian, which at the very least supports the general assessment of describing as fully as possible Soviet and Russian UFO cases, research areas, prominent personalities involved in such research (military, intelligence agencies, cosmonauts and civilians), opinions and viewpoints of those who were and are serious in their approach to the study of anomalous phenomena. Whatever the UFO phenomena is, it is certainly not a modern invention as this unique history clearly demonstrates. The history of UFO sightings and contacts over the lands that later became known as Russia date back thousands of years. UFO CASE FILES OF RUSSIA is not meant to be definitive in any way, but is meant to show that UFO research has been and still is very active in the former USSR, and that a vigorous programme of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted. Written by Philip Mantle from the UK and Paul Stonehill, originally from the Ukraine, east meets west for the first time in this unique publication. This book will be dispatched to you as soon as it is available.


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RUSSIA’S ROSWELL INCIDENT: And Other Amazing UFO Cases From the Former Soviet Union

Much of the information about UFO’s and Ufology in general appears to originate in the USA, but in this important new book, authors and researchers Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill provide some truly fascinating material from the still enigmatic country of Russia, including accounts from the former Soviet Union. The book also includes information about encounters and sightings that are almost certainly new to many in the UFO community. The book opens with a look at the remarkable 1986 Dalnegorsk Crash, an incident that resonates powerfully with what allegedly occurred at Roswell in 1947 and produced considerably better hard evidence too. This included rare metals and alloys of unusual materials that do not appear to have been manufactured on Earth. The composites of the alloys are not unknown and do appear on the periodic table, but it is the utterly unique combinations that provide the interest.The book also spends time looking at the 1908 Tunguska incident and produce a considerable array of information gleaned over the years since, suggesting that this was not, as it popularly supposed, a meteor or bolide exploding overhead, but something else entirely. Everything from an extraterrestrial spaceship to some kind of exotic explosive device, or, astonishingly, the result of what amounts to anti-aircraft fire, but aimed by who/what at who/what? The authors make a compelling case for this last possibility and on the face of it, it seems remarkably plausible. The rest of the book looks at the Russian (especially Soviet) military involvement, the sightings made by various Cosmonauts (a close similarity with the US Astronaut sightings) plus the KGB and what it knew about UFOs. There is also a very revealing chapter about the involvement of the American CIA and their UFO disinformation campaign. This may have been directed at Russia as well to serve as a screen for American ‘black projects’, which of course might also be said for the KGB as well. The book also includes a chapter on the strange and truly remarkable loss of the Phobos One and Phobos Two spacecraft sent to investigate the Martian moon that some claim to be artificial. According to the official accounts Phobos One was lost due to a signal failure, but the second craft, Phobos Two, that was something rather different. This craft, in the moments before contact was lost, seems to show something approaching t at great speed, something this originated from the planet Mars itself. What might it have been? Speculation abounds that Phobos Two was testing some kind of laser device and this might have been viewed as a possible threat by ‘something’ that retaliated. Does this have some kind of resonance with what may have occurred at Tunguska? There is no clear answer to this and the Russian authorities remain tight-lipped about the incident.


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Paranormal Mysteries of Eurasia

From the lost treasures of past empires to the underground labyrinths of the Nazis, from natural phenomena such as ginseng and gastropods to the secrets of Soviet space flight, veteran expert Paul Stonehill explores the paranormal mysteries of his Motherland. This book sets forth the results of many of his investigations, not only into history and legend, both ancient and modern, but also into other strange lore such as vampires, ball lightning, mind control, and genetic engineering.


4 - Mysterious Sky - Soviet UFO Phenomenon



Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon






Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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