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Praveen Mohan is an explorer of ancient megalithic sites and appeared on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens TV show in September 2016. He has traveled to several countries documenting his findings on YouTube, and his videos have received tens of millions of views. His content has also appeared on TV shows, magazines and other media. Praveen has researched several historic mysteries including ancient Mounds in Ohio, Ellora Caves in India and Machu Picchu in Peru. He has also discovered Out of Place Artifacts which prove the existence of ancient European and even African presence in India.

Praveen initially started posting his findings about Coral Castle on YouTube in early 2015. His videos on the uniqueness of Edward Leedskalnin’s telescope, revolving gate and sundial received high ratings and his subscribers encouraged him to write a book about Coral Castle. Praveen Mohan is also scheduled to appear on BBC in December 2016. [1] 


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Coral Castle: Everything You Know Is Wrong

A standard description of Coral Castle goes like this: Coral Castle is a love monument built by an eccentric man called Edward Leedskalnin. The Castle is a giant doll house built for Ed’s sweet sixteen and his imaginary children. Ed built stone models of household objects like couches, bathtub, cooker, etc to be used by his fictional family. He also created strange meaningless carvings like the moon fountain and obelisk to impress his lost love. Experts have shown that there is nothing mysterious about the castle or how it was constructed, just one man’s persistent work. In this book, you will see that all the above statements are false. The chapters ahead will prove beyond any dispute that: 1) Coral Castle was NOT built as a love monument. 2) The Castle is NOT a giant doll house built for Ed’s imaginary family. 3) There are NO meaningless objects in Coral Castle, each one has a specific meaning or purpose. 4) Opinions of experts and engineers are fundamentally flawed about Coral Castle. This book was not written to show how Coral Castle was built, but WHY Coral Castle was built. Why did Edward Leedskalnin, a 100 pound man with a 4th grade education, attempt to build the only modern megalithic mystery in the world? In addition to this, you will find answers to other burning questions like: a) What is the real meaning of objects like the Barbecue Cooker and Repentance Corner? b) Why did Ed move to the US from Latvia? c) What made Ed carve strange objects like the Stonehenge and Obelisk? d) Why did Ed carve planets and multiple moons side by side? e) Was Ed afflicted with Tuberculosis? f) Why did Ed choose to build Coral Castle in Southern Florida? g) What is the meaning of the drawing on the red door? h) Why did Ed place dozens of rocking chairs all over the Castle? By the end of this book, I hope you will have a very different view of Coral Castle and Edward Leedskalnin.




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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