Robert H. Frisbee, Ph.D.

frisbee, r.Robert H. Frisbee, Ph.D. 
(Propulsion Systems Engineer, NASA JPL, Ret.)



1.2 – The Evidence (4.20.10)
1.6 – The Return (5.25.10)

4.5 – The NASA Connection (3.9.12)

6.4 – Aliens & Stargates (1.24.14)
6.8 – Aliens & the Red Planet (2.21.14)
6.12 – Alien Transports (6.13.14)
6.18 – The God Particle (8.15.14)

7.2 – Mysteries of the Sphinx (11.7.14)
7.4 – The Genius Factor (11.21.14)
7.6 – Alien Resurrections (12.5.14)
7.8 – The Great Flood (12.23.14)
7.12 – The Alien Agenda (5.1.15)


Star Trek

NASA thinks we can find another Earth in another nearby star. When we do, how can we possibly travel light-years to get there? It might not be as hard as you’d think . . .

Alpha Centauri, the closest star system and a plausible place to find an Earth-like world, lies 4.4 light-years away—3,000 times farther than any space probe has ever traveled. The star 55 Cancri, which has three large planets similar to those in our solar system, is another 10 times more distant. Crossing the cosmic void will require superfast spacecraft, far more advanced than anything built today but not beyond possibility.

“The physics is not out of reach,” says Robert Frisbee, an engineer who directs advanced propulsion concepts studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. His job, and his lifelong dream, is to find a way to master interstellar travel. He is studying five distinct propulsion technologies that could get an astronaut from here to Alpha Centauri in less than 50 years. “What we’re talking about here is not fantasy,” Frisbee says. “It’s only science fiction until someone does it.” A trip to another Earth would require a research and engineering effort at least as intense as the push behind the Apollo program. But Frisbee argues that a similar level of commitment could result in the launch of our first starship in the same time frame it took us to get to the moon—a decade.

It would be the most expensive undertaking in the history of humankind. It would also be the most extraordinary. [1] 




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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