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Sallie Ann Glassman is an initiated Vodou priestess who calls up and mediates the power of the Spirit. Sallie is internationally recognized for her lectures, art, readings and healing ceremonies. She is one of a handful of Americans ordained into Vodou in the traditional Haitian initiation.

Sallie is passionate about sharing the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Vodou. Often maligned and misunderstood, Vodou is actually a healing and life-affirming religion. This ancient religion, currently practiced by 50 million people, speaks directly to our troubled world today. She believes that to discover Vodou is to embark on an encounter with divine mystery.

Sallie owns the Island of Salvation Botanica, a store and gallery specializing in Vodou religious supply, medicinal herbs, and Haitian and local artwork. The shop was awarded the “Best of City” award by National Geographic Traveler in 2004.

As artist and writer, Sallie has done much to further the understanding of Vodou. She is the author of the widely acclaimed book Vodou Visions, published by Random House. She is the co-creator and artist for The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot, and the illustrator of The Enochian Tarot.

A captivating and powerful speaker, Sallie is frequently invited to lecture on Vodou at universities and conferences. In New Orleans, she performs annual public ceremonies for St. John’s Eve on Bayou St. John, the public Hurricane Prevention Ceremony, and for The Day of the Dead.

Sallie has been featured in numerous publications such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New Yorker. She has appeared on CNN, National Public Radio, CBS News, The Discovery Channel and The World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.

New York Times – November 2003 
It’s nonstop 24 hours a day,” said Sallie Anne Glassman, who studied voodoo in Haiti in the 1990’s and later published a book about it. “I get people from all walks of life, from street people to professors to psychiatrists to political leaders. They aren’t looking for hexes or charms to make someone’s nose fall off. It’s something much more basic. They turn to voodoo because there’s an increasing desperation in our culture for spiritual meaning and direction.

Sallie Ann is co-creator and co-chairman of the Board of the New Orleans Healing Center, a 55,000 s/f, $12 mil project, whose three goals include:

  1. Bring healing to the Downtown neighborhoods of New Orleans on all levels of sustainability, physical, mental, emotional, educational, economic, environmental, and spiritual.
  2. Unify formerly polarized communities.
  3. Bring economic revitalization to the St Claude Corridor of New Orleans. [1] 




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