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stelley, s..pngSantiago Stelley (Producer, “Aokigahara Forest”)



3.10 – Aliens & Evil Places (9.28.11)



Santiago Stelley (born October 3, 1976) is a filmmaker and creative director best known for his documentary work with Colors magazine, and Vice Media.


Santiago began working with Colors magazine –the quarterly publication “about the rest of the world” created by Tibor Kalman and Oliviero Toscani– as a correspondent in the mid 90s, and in 2001 joined the editorial team at Fabrica research centre in Treviso, Italy. At Colors Santiago worked with Stefan Ruiz, James Mollison, Pieter Hugo, Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin among others, producing groundbreaking photojournalism with a focus on marginalized communities –including mental health institutions in Cuba, prisons in Colombia and housing estates in Birmingham England.

In 2006 Santiago moved to New York City and joined Vice magazine as the first in-house producer and director of content for (2007-2010), and then as creative director of Vice Media (2010-2012.) At Vice he produced and directed documentary films including Sewers of Bogota (2007), Colombian Devil’s Breath (2007), House of the Setting Sun (2008), Alarma! (2008), Interview with a Cannibal (2010) and Aokigahara Suicide Forest (2010). During this time Santiago also developed many original series for Vice –Vice Guide to Travel, Vice News, Toxic, Munchies, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, Picture Perfect, Slutever— and launched new digital channels including Motherboard, Noisey and The Creators Project. [1] 




Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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