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sanderson, s..pngSimon Sanderson (Aviation & Aerodynamics Expert)



1.2 – The Evidence (4.20.10)

6.12 – Alien Transports (6.13.14)


In The Evidence, I Want to Fly…

…Could the ancient Egyptians have possessed the power of flight? In 2006, aviation and aerodynamics expert Simon Sanderson built a scale model of the Saqqara bird five times larger than the original to test that possibility.

“We’re running at a constant speed, slowly increasing the angle of attack, and then measuring the forces which it’s producing. That way, we can learn about its flight characteristics. At ten degrees, we’re producing four times weight and lift. So, it actually would be flying now. That’s good.”

– Simon Sanderson
(Aviation and Aerodynamics Expert)

…During the Sanderson test, it was discovered that the only thing preventing the Saqqara bird from achieving flight was the lack of a rear stabilizing rudder, or elevator, needed to maintain balance. Is it possible that the Saqqara bird ever possessed this critical component? [1]


[1] Prometheus Entertainment. (2010). Ancient Aliens: 1.2 – The Evidence. [DVD Footage: I Want to Fly]. Los Angeles, CA: A&E Networks, LLC / History™.


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