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9.2 – Destination Mars (5.13.16)



Sue Ann Pien is an American actress born and raised in Los Angeles of Chinese descent (aka ABC). She recently started her own production company Monolid Productions. As a Mars One 100 candidate, she is actively involved in outreach work with the general public and schools regarding the colonization of Mars. Besides her personal passion for space, she’s an avid environmentalist. As a lifelong rock climber (first climbing Rai Ley Beach in Thailand in 2001), she’s looking forward to marking Yosemite off her climbing bucket list this lifetime! [1] 

Mars One

Sue Ann Pien is a Mars One 100 candidate featured internationally in ELLE, TIME magazine, People magazine, The NY Post, CNN, The History Channel, Daily Mail, ABC, CBS, Popular Science, The Huffington Post, Fox News, The Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ, and countless Chinese press. [1] 

“Like most people applying I’m certain I am amongst a group of incredibly idealistic yet courageously passionate human beings who are willing to put their foot where their mouths are. These people are called leaders and I would describe myself as such. I have always believed space is the next frontier for humankind and was born with my eyes fixed into the galaxies. It did not seem such a far off dream, as both of my parents worked in the aerospace industry. Astrocamp was my first camp.” [2] 


Quantum Physics, Writing, Art (Photography, Fine Arts, Performing Arts), Rock Climbing, Singing, Traveling, Dancing Alone, Space Travel, Reading, Instagram, Pinterest boards, people-watching, Astrobiology, new languages, and following the Divine Ratio in natural disasters. [2] 





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