Part 6, vol. 2

This is a journey into a yet uncharted world of astonishing ancestors and phenomenal technological advance. From which supernatural beings do healers and superheroes really gather their powers? Who, or what, were the voices that drove Nikola Tesla to his compulsive need to reinvent the future? Were the winged messengers revered within age old texts really birds, angels…or aliens? Ancient Alien Theorists reach back in time to explore these alternative inquiries and offers explanations and theories to the questions of where we come from, who we are, and what else is out there. Ancient Alien Theorists connect science with faith, and investigates the creatures of early religious texts including the scorpion-tailed locust in Revelations; Ezekiel’s fiery angel-driven chariots; and India’s half-human, half-reptile gods called Nagas. The voyage travels down the path of extraterrestrial seduction, Nazi time travel, and the mysterious megalithic stone structures which continue to baffle archaeologists.[1b]


6.9 – The Shamans (2.28.14)

6.10 – Aliens & Insects (3.7.14)

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Season Six, vol. 2 DVD

6.11 – Alien Breeders (3.14.14)

6.12 – Alien Transports (6.13.14)

6.13 – Mysterious Structures (6.20.14)

6.14 – Mysterious Devices (6.27.14)

6.15 – Faces of the Gods (7.11.14)

6.16 – The Reptilians (7.25.10)

6.17 – The Tesla Experiment (8.1.14)

6.18 – The God Particle (8.15.15)

6.19 – Alien Encounters (8.15.15)

6.20 – Aliens & Superheroes (8.22.14)



Who were they?… Why did they come?… What did they leave behind?… Where did they go?… Will they return?…

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